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French Passion for Ibérico Ham

From caviar and salmon to Ibérico ham. From France to Hong Kong. This is the simplified roadmap that the company Bellota-Bellota and its founder have travelled, and it’s one that falls comfortably in line with the proclamations of increased purchasing power among certain sectors of the population in Asia. “We already have three stores in Hong Kong, where we try to create a sense of luxury around a food product, Ibérico ham, which in my opinion should be declared a World Heritage good”.

Our conversation ends, unsurprisingly, with a discussion of new challenges: “The Bellota-Bellota concept is perfectly exportable to cities like Tokyo and New York, where interest in Spanish gastronomy is unstoppable”. A dream? “Ibérico ham should be a well-known food that is enjoyed all over the world. The best way to achieve this is for chefs, producers, distributors and the Spanish government to work together as a team towards this goal”.

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